Lingerie Store Employee Reveals The Disgusting Things Customers Actually Do To Products

Don’t laugh, but I was shocked by all the boobs. So. Many. Boobs. We had a professional tone and environment that put women at ease like they were getting a spa day, so it was normal for them to flop them out as I was closing the changing room door behind us. The first bridal party I served all crammed together with little me and just disrobed left and right. I ended up in a sea of boobs that all wanted measuring. I was rattled. I eventually became boob blind, but the first few months it always gave me pause when a lady was staring at me with her googly chest eyeballs.

So… deodorant. If you want another human to put their face near your cleavage and measure your rib cage, consider some deodorant. And a shower, maybe. Or, if you live that stank life, at least buy something.

It was fun. I was sad when I got fired. Edit to add: I was fired for lates. I was 18 and an idiot trying to juggle school and work. I wish it had been for something funny.

There you have it, folks–you should probably think twice before you try on bras and underwear in a store (especially on your nude, clean skin) because you never know who tried it on before and what they have or what they did.

Images: Imgur.