Chrissy Teigen Is Sick Of Interviewers Asking Her Husband How He Deals With Her

We write a lot about Chrissy Teigen. That’s because she’s a legitimate delight on social media, and she also happens to have what looks like a pretty great marriage and two adorable kids. She’s a fun person and fun to write about. The model and cookbook author and her husband, actor/musician John Legend, look amazing on red carpets. But they also tease each other publicly a lot, which makes them seem super relatable.

But because of Teigen’s outspokenness and tendency to go after trolls on Twitter, some people interviewing Legend apparently ask him how he “deal[s] with” her. What? As though she’s a burden somehow? Or unhinged? Or that she needs to be handled or controlled?

Teigen tweeted Tuesday night, “I feel like a very common question when interviewing john is basically “how do you deal with your wife” and … I don’t love it.”

Interviewers also ask if she asks for Legend’s “okay” before tweeting things.

She clarified that she wasn’t mad at people who’ve asked the question, she just wants it to stop.

People on Twitter responded that they found the question really weird, too (some in fewer words than others).

Maybe this thread will serve to remind interviewers that, hi, different people are different. And a wife doesn’t have to be “dealt with,” although she’s difficult to endure. Nor should she have to ever ask her husband if her tweets are okay. Dang.

h/t Someecards