18 Daughters Who Sent Their Moms Cringeworthy Drunk Texts

We’ve all been there after a long night out of drinking. You wake up dying for water, Gatorade, or whatever liquid is closest to your bed. You’re fighting a killer headache and can only feel the hangover creeping up on you by the minute. You check to make sure you made it home with your keys and your wallet, but you’re too afraid to check your bank account statement. I know you’re just laying there in a dark room thinking how could things possibly get worse? Then you forget about your handy dandy cell phone. Drunk texting someone for a booty call can be embarrassing but drunk texting your mom can be mortifying! Depending on how cool your mom is or how drunk you really were the results can vary but they’re all pretty cringe-worthy. Here are 18 daughters who accidentally drunk texted their moms.

1. Let’s all say prayers for this poor mother.

2. What kind of party was she at and how can we get an invite?

3. Ever get so drunk you thought your family owned a farm?