New Study Finds A Third Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When They’re Drunk

I guess in the realm of bad things to do when drunk, enjoying a burger is pretty low on the list. If you consider yourself a vegetarian, this is something you might take more seriously. You might not know all the rules when it comes to vegetarians, it’s pretty simple–if it bleeds, you ain’t eating it; no matter how delicious it may be.

I’m all for being healthy and fit I just haven’t felt many things that feel as good as a double quarter pounder with cheese. It’s no surprise that we do things when we’re drunk; we do it all the time. The last few years of my life have been riddled with them. Just remember you have a plan next time a vegetarian who LOVES talking about how great of a vegetarian they are won’t shut up. Take them to a bar feed them shots then take them to the nearest McDonalds and make sure you take pictures and videos!

According to the results of a new British survey, vegetarians aren’t as truthful as they may like us to believe. The survey involved 1789 vegetarians from across the pond willing to help record their eating habits. VoucherCodesPro website is a well-known site that focuses on how vegetarians eat, the site announced after its survey that over 37% of vegetarians will eat meat after a drunken night out. I can’t hold this against you my veggie loving friends, I’ve woken up and learned I have done much worse.