New Study Finds A Third Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When They’re Drunk

So the secrets out about the vegetarian community it seems. Next time someone gives you a condescending look while you’re shoveling a burger twice the size of your head in your mouth remember this. After a few shots that condescending vegetarian is probably knee deep in some McNuggets; it’s nothing to be ashamed about. The survey didn’t stop there, it asked how often these vegetarians gave into their drunken meat cravings. Around thirty-four percent admitted to eating meat every time they were drunk on a night out, 26 percent said it happened “fairly often,” and 22 percent said “rarely.”

The truth will set you free.

Now, I have no beef with the vegetarian community. (see what I did there?) There is something that rubs me the wrong way. The survey asked if these veggie lovers would tell anyone if they drunkenly slipped on their veggie vows. Nearly 70% of the people involved in the survey said they didn’t tell anyone about their drunken eating habits. Now you are both a liar and an animal murderer! How does it feel?! Next time you’re out with a friend you’ve been to McDonald’s with 384536862 times get them nice and boozed up. After that offer them a burger, let’s see how strong their willpower really is.