15 Humiliating Times Parents Caught Their Kids Doing Some Pretty Naughty Stuff

So after almost 2 decades of living with good old mom and dad, we’ve all come across some embarrassing moments. It’s inevitable growing up in a house with at least 2 roommates they’re going to catch you doing some embarrassing things. Embarrassing is one thing but these stories are downright humiliating. I’m not sure I would wish these awkward moments on my worst enemies. I understand some people have a really close relationship with their parents. I don’t think I’d be able to look my parents in the eyes for a very long time if I got caught in any of these humiliating situations. This has to scar your parents? or you? Parent’s walking in on you is one thing, parents walking in on you while you’re squatting on top of a blowdryer is a million times worse. Enjoy these Reddit user’s most humiliating moments involving their parents.

1. There is no shot this 8-year-old was embarrassed.

2. I really don’t think that’s supposed to go there.

3. I think we should totally make this a thing, sorry Sarahs.