People Reveal The Craziest Rules In Their Workplace They Actually Had To Follow


All the extra toilet paper in the building has to stay in a single closet where it can be overseen by the toilet paper queen. I heard her shrieking the other day when she discovered someone had “hoarded” one spare roll of toilet paper upstairs so the people who work upstairs wouldn’t have to walk down multiple flights of stairs when the toilet paper ran out.


When I was in the military I saw a buddy of mine sitting outside crying. I went and consoled him best as I could – apparently he was just depressed and unhappy. After he was feeling a bit better I went to go and find someone to tell them what was happening. They knew. In fact, he had been crying so much lately that they had instituted a ‘no crying at your desk’ policy – which is why he was outside.


In theory we are allotted 3 personal absences a year – which cover “unforeseen circumstances” like a family emergency, car troubles, sick kid, etc. But in order to be approved you need to get consent from the manager in advance. No one that I know has ever actually been approved in advance for their unforeseen emergency.