People Reveal Their Biggest ‘OMG I Can’t Believe That Actually Worked’ Moments


At uni I had to do a recording project for an audio course. I didn’t do it, and when my result came back ‘no mark awarded’ I freaked out a little and rang up my teacher to query it. I told him I did submit it, detailing what was (supposedly) on the recording. He said he’d look into it. A few days later I saw him and he said he found the CD behind his desk and that I’d done a great job and he’d amended my mark. I lied through my teeth, he lied through his teeth, and I walked away with an A. It still amazes me to this day.


Driving through some backwoods town in Alabama and got pulled over by a local cop. When he approached he proceeds to tell me that he stopped me because he saw I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. For some reason I replied, “sorry sir, I took it off to get my wallet out of my pocket when you stopped me so I could get my license for you”. He stands there with a blank stare for a moment and says, “oh, ok, my mistake, drive carefully” and goes back to his car an drives off, leaving me sitting there wondering how I Jedi mind tricked the cop.


Turned to a girl sitting next to me at the bar and said, “you look as bored by this scene as I am.”

Wasn’t a ploy, either – it was a singles event some friends had dragged me to, and it was just not my thing. I had been having a miserable time, and was just sitting at the bar by myself, waiting for my friends to finish chatting people up, so we could leave.

Anyway, she agreed, and we started talking.

We ended up dating for over a year.