Teen Asked Twitter To Help Save Her Father’s Bakery And They Totally Delivered

This is Jackie Garza, a social media-savvy (that part will be important) 18-year-old from Houston, Texas.

I've been home for 2 days straight. No sunlight or human interaction; send help.

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Her dad is Trinidad Garza, owner and operator of a Houston bakery (technically a panaderia) called La Casa Bakery & Cafe. The joint specializes in handmade pan dulce baked from scratch.

It’s obviously a great little spot for a sweet treat, but unfortunately, it’s in danger of closing. Trinidad Garza told his family he was thinking of shutting down La Casa because business has been way down of late. The reason: a major downturn after Hurricane Harvey struck Houston late last summer. Jackie Garza is proud of her dad and his business, and definitely doesn’t want it to close. So she did what she could to promote the restaurant: She tweeted about La Casa and its situation. (Or, rather, she took her tweets about sweet treats to the streets.)

The response she got was something Jackie never dreamed of.