17 Times Michael Scott Was Our Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal.

The Office is a hilarious and cringey show to say the least. If you have not watched every episode, you are missing out on a major part of your life. Michael Scott, the lead male, is offensive, impulsive and somehow relates to every single one of us. Here are the 17 different times Michael Scott was secretly our spirit animal

1. When you don’t like someone for no real reason at all. 

2. And sometimes it’s purely for the fact that you think you’re super rad. 

3. But you secretly crave attention and want people to like you. 

4. You find yourself navigating your way through your life, though you have no idea what you’re doing.

5. And you find yourself speaking about topics you actually know nothing about. 

6. Sometimes because of that you say things that are cringey af. 

7. Right when things seem to be going right, things go very wrong. 

8. But because you’re actually Michael Scott you keep a positive outlook in every situation. 

9. You have so many goals and ambitions that manifest themselves all at once. 

10. Though your life may not have any sort of direction at times, you still remain calm.  

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11. You care deeply about each and every one of your friends (or coworkers). 

12. Sometimes when you can’t find the right words, you’ll just make up some. 

13. And even when you are trying to be genuine and loving, the things you say will just, sort of, come out wrong.

14. You secretly hate being single and love love. 

15. And will say things you don’t mean while going through heartbreak. 

16. But you can be quickly turned around with new people and new experiences.

17. And finally… Michael is like all of us because he wishes he was Beyoncé. 

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