Winter Storm Toby Is Set To Hit The Northeast And The Internet’s Response Is Glorious

If you live in the Northeast region of the United States, you’d know it’s been a pretty crazy winter. December was pretty much warmer than usual, giving us the ability to wear leather jackets out to the bar and not freeze to death. But, once 2018 hit us, the storms came pouring in. Just in January alone, we were left to deal with the “bomb cyclone” that didn’t really do much. In March, we’ve seen not one, not two, but three different nor’easter storms come our way. And, while it’s officially Spring, the northeast is faced with yet another one this week.

According to the weather channels and meteorologists, this nor’easter is officially named Storm Toby, making it the fourth storm in the month of March. While teachers and students are celebrating school closings, us regular folks who have to haul ass into work are just straight up annoyed–similarly to the way Michael Scott is annoyed with Toby Flenderson’s existence. Since the name of the storm has been announced, the Internet has been reacting in one cohesive, hilarious, and glorious way.