This Crazy Twitter Thread May Prove That Toby Flenderson Is Indeed The ‘Scranton Strangler’

While it’s been years since “The Office” aired on NBC, fans of the show are still invested in it like it’s being aired in real time. Thanks to Netflix, new viewers are being brought into the Dunder Mifflin family and are able to point out some “missed clues” on the show. Like, for example, who the real “Scranton Strangler” is. One Twitter user, @spencermcclure_ has a pretty clear conspiracy theory surrounding the HR manager, Toby Flenderson, and the “Scranton Strangler.” In fact, he’s convinced they’re one in the same. His long, long, long Twitter thread is well thought out and pretty damn solid.

People were blown away by this idea.

But, one person was convinced it was Creed and not Toby.

What do you think, my fellow Office junkies?