You Can Now Get Michael Scott’s Insane Pretzel With 18 Toppings From ‘The Office’ IRL

Every single “The Office” fan knows that Pretzel Day was one of the biggest days of the year for some Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. employees. Even grumpy old Stanley looked forward to Pretzel Day above all others. Pretzel Day was a day marked off on most employees‘ calendars, both warehouse workers and office employees alike, and everyone lined up and waited patiently for their delicious hot pretzels. While given all this time to kill, the veteran move was obviously to map out the toppings you’ll get.

Michael Scott can’t possibly work with pretzels on the brain, can’t blame the man. All the potential topping combos taking up all the real estate in his brain. What person could possibly work under those conditions?

Unfortunately, for our man Michael Scott, he wasn’t afforded the luxury of thinking his order through. He was busy making sure the integrity of the line was being held (looking at you, Phyllis. Boo!). A tough job, but someone had to do it. Now, Michael knew he was going with a sweet pretzel, no brainer. What he didn’t know was about the 18 topping possibilities. I mean who could choose between sweet glaze, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, m&ms, caramel dip, mint chip, chocolate chip, marshmallows, nuts, toffee nuts, coconut, peanut butter drizzle, Oreos, sprinkles, cotton candy bits, and powdered sugar?

We’ve all been there before when the person on the other side of the counter asks for our order and our brain has a meltdown. Usually, this leads us to order being something we didn’t want. In our favorite branch managers case, he created something magical.

Lucky for us, we have heroes like “Binging with Babish.”