The Cast Of “The Office” Has A Favorite Episode To Laugh At And It’s Probably Yours Too

Out of all the shows that Netflix offers to us, for some reason, we’re all hooked on “The Office.” No matter how many times we watch the series, every joke is just as funny and every moment is just as great.

Michael Scott is a character that truly can never go out of style. For a show that has so many episodes, it’s hard to pick just one to be the funniest or our favorite. But, according to the cast of “The Office,” there’s one episode in particular that stands out as the funniest and most memorable to film.

The episode, which may come as a surprise to many, is “The Dinner Party.” In case you forgot which episode this is, it’s the one in which Michael and Jan invite all the couples over to Michael’s condo for a dinner party. This is just after Jan has been fired from Dunder Mifflin and the couple’s relationship is basically nearing the end.

According to Gene Stupnitsky, co-writer of the show:

There’s a quote, ‘How do you make someone laugh? You show someone falling down. How do you get a comedy writer to laugh? Show a guy pushing a woman down the stairs.’ I’m paraphrasing, but there’s something to that. The darker, usually, the funnier to us. We’re such huge fans of the British ‘Office’ and we wanted to write an episode more in that tone.

Not only did the writers enjoy making this episode, but the entire cast says it is hands down one of their favorites to think about. Angela Kinsley, who plays Angela on the show, said that filming in the condo actually was the perfect setting for hilarious comedy.

“It was a very small condo, which I thought was great. It was a very small living room, and we were all sort of wedged in on the sofa together and more people kept arriving. It was definitely a great foundation for this awkward comedy setting. You know? This very awkward dinner party in this very small space.”

Ed Helms, who plays Andy, said he couldn’t keep a straight face throughout the entire episode.

“I had never laughed so hard as I did than during that scene. I had my little trick: If I was really laughing, I would began to look at Steve’s [Carell] ear. That was my trick. I couldn’t make eye contact with him because I would laugh, so I would either look at his chin or his ear or even something behind him and just focus on that, just so that I could get through something and keep a straight face.”

Even John Krasinski, who plays Jim, said that there were hilarious small moments in the episode that had everyone laughing for years.

“One of the funniest things I’ve witnessed in my life was Steve showing us that flatscreen TV and saying, ‘When . . . when people are over you can just do this’ [pulling the screen out from the wall]. The TV only moved, like, a half an inch.”

If you’re a true fan of “The Office,” you’d know that this episode was the perfect combination of funny and awkward. Don’t believe me? Just watch.