10 Ways Your Work Environment Resembles ‘The Office’

Most of my life, I have worked with the public. I have been on my feet running food around to tables, liquoring up happy go lucky people or making sure no one spills anything on expensive radio equipment. My college education and hard labor to the public never really prepared me for a life of staring at a computer screen on my butt (or standing – I created a standing desk for myself because I’m a healthy hipster now), with the same group of people for eight hours a day, five days a week. I don’t really think anything can prepare you for that kind of job, except maybe one thing… The Office.

While Dunder Mifflin might not be real, the people are. Every single day it is as if my office transforms more into that Scranton paper company and my coworkers and I find ourselves morphing into those same crazy, sometimes annoying, wildly off the wall, but mostly lovable characters. It might seem like fun and games in the beginning, there is still a lot of moments, like in The Office, that make you scratch your head and question, “How do we make it work together?” Like my office, I’m positive that this is a similar occurrence in all offices.

If you don’t believe me, here is how the employees of Dunder Mifflin are in every office around the world:


There will always be a Kevin that will stink up the small, stuffy office space with an unpleasant smell. Whether it be with their cologne, food, or bodily functions, there is always a grotesque scent coming from their side of the room. FYI – Tuna or broccoli isn’t okay for lunch. Ever.


Someone will be as fun/immature as Jim, pulling as many pranks as possible on the unknowing, unexpected and the most gullible.


Someone will get walked all over like Pam and be forced to clean up the most disgusting mess that was left in the microwave by someone else.


There will always be a Michael Scott with an inappropriate joke and he has NO idea that he is creepy, awkward, weird or all the above.


An office will always have a  brown-nosed person like Dwight to follow Michael around, attempting to enforce the law and kiss up to the boss, but no one ever really takes them seriously or believes that they can function in the real world on their own.


Someone will be as crazy as Kelly and will always find a way to twist the conversation back to her problems. You could be talking about starving children in Africa and somehow she will turn that conversation into something about her.


There will always be that one office romance like Ryan and Kelly. While some couples will be able to pull of the office love affair, there is always that one toxic relationship that will make the workplace hostile and question if Jerry Springer is going to show up soon.


Someone will be exactly like Ryan and make you question what your supervisor was thinking when they hired them? Also, how the hell do they still have a job or why the office thinks they’re Regina George and they are so obsessed with them…


There will always be that one logical person like Oscar or Phyllis that will fly under the radar and you will never really have a major issue with, because they are way too qualified for the job that they have and are able to get it done without any issues. FYI – MODEL EMPLOYEES.


And finally, no office is safe from a Stanley. Hating on life, the job, the salary, the boss, absolutely finding no joy in the world while he is sitting at his desk and wishing his day away, with the exception of pretzel day.

Clearly, you can tell that I have been watching The Office, way too much lately, but I know what’s what when it comes to the office setting. While it is an awesome show, there is something to be learned from this; Don’t act like most of these people. The characters are meant to be extremes and carried out by only actors. If you find yourself falling into one of the categories above with one of these characters, please change your behavior immediately. Do yourself and your coworkers a favor and stop being a terrible office-mate.

Lesson to be learnedDon’t be a dick. It is hard enough to sit at a desk and work for eight hours a day, don’t make it any harder on your coworkers than it has to be. Be kind, considerate and pleasant towards your cube buddies/office mates/coworkers. These people are pretty much your second family, so at least try to get along with them. As the preschool saying goes, “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” And most importantly, don’t bring a stinky lunch to work and eat it at your desk. You aren’t a Master-chef; your coworkers don’t want to smell your tuna, broccoli or day old slop!

h/t Unwritten.