Someone Said Netflix Was Getting Rid Of “The Office” & People Are F*cking Pissed

It’s no secret that The Office is one of the greatest TV shows to ever grace our TV screens. Between the dead-pan jokes, the workplace goals and the love stories we can’t help but swoon over – it’s literally a perfect show.

While The Office hasn’t been on TV in years, Netflix has indeed blessed us with the ability to watch, rewatch and rerewatch the series 100 times because, well, streaming.

But, someone decided to start a very dirty rumor that Netflix has decided – like a**holes – that come September, they are cutting ties with The Office and we can no longer watch Michael Scott making horrible jokes over and over again.


Yeah, I know, the horror. Twitter has not been happy today.


But, don’t worry babes – Netflix has cleared the air for us all.

Whoever started this rumor – man, you suck.