‘The Office’ Just Released A Documentary Confirming The Scranton Strangler’s Identity

Although “The Office” has been off the air for several years, people are still just as obsessed with the series as they were when it first aired. As new fans have hopped on the Dunder Mifflin train, as the show is easily streamable on Netflix. As new fans have come to love the cast, new theories have come up about the show and the characters.  Recently, fans have become obsessed with the Scranton Strangler and who it could possibly be–with theories pointing to Toby Flenderson, head of HR at Dunder Mifflin.

Spencer breaks down the theory piece by piece, explaining the motives and reasons why Toby could indeed be the Scranton Strangler. From Michael’s hatred for him to the rejection from Pam, and even his failed marriage–all signs point to Toby. In light of fan’s desire to know, the staff from ‘The Office’ have put together an actual “mocumentary” with clips from the actual show to showcase that yes, it could have been Toby the entire time.

Playing off “Making a Murderer,” we bring you–Making a Strangler.

Twitter has been freaking out since its release.