38 Times Michael Scott Literally Had Zero Clue What He Was Saying

Michael Scott is the boss we all wish for and honestly the boss most of us deserve. That doesn’t mean from time to time he didn’t get a little carried away. When you’re as passionate as Michael Scott, it’s easy for something like that to happen. One thing you can never knock Michael for is his innate ability never to shy away from his feelings. He’ll express them too; there just happens to be a few times where he doesn’t get those feelings out comprehensibly. We all know you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take because Michael Scott told us so. This hilarious list is dedicated to the times Michael tried his best to tell us something, but he might not have known what he was talking about.

1. That one time Michael tried to explain to David what made his branch so successful.

2. When Michael learned a new word and just wasn’t quite sure how to use it.

3. Maybe Michael needs to brush up on his movie history.