This Family’s ‘The Office’ Themed Pregnancy Announcement Deserves A Dundie Award

If there’s anything that’s good and true in this world, it’s that “The Office” will never, ever get old. Everyone has their own relationship with the show, and with the help of Netflix, we can watch it whenever and however we please.

Sarah Elaine Gasperik and her husband, Chris, are huge fans of the show. So much so, that they’ve found adorable and funny ways to incorporate “The Office” into their biggest life moments–like, their engagement.

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Everyone knows “that’s what she said,” is one of Michael Scott’s favorite jokes. When the two decided to create a pregnancy announcement for their third child, they knew that there would be nothing better than using “The Office.” And, the couple didn’t just use one part, not even two–they used multiple puns from the entire series to make the most epic (and creative) pregnancy announcement we’ve ever seen.

First, Sarah used a famous Michael Scott line for her own shirt–”I declare bankruptcy,” but, substituted bankruptcy for pregnancy.

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Her husband Chris also used an epic Michael Scott classic.

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As for her two sons–she channeled both Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott for their shirts–and their anticipated baby’s arrival.

Facebook: sarahelainephotos

Sarah, who is a professional photographer, told BuzzFeed it was definitely difficult to have her two young sons to pose for an extended period of time.

“The most challenging part was getting the outdoor photos. The boys didn’t want to cooperate and there were a lot of bugs flying around. But mostly, it was a fun shoot.

She also added that she’s expecting her first girl–exciting.

Clearly, this family has the ultimate sense of originality and humor.

Facebook: sarahelainephotos

Sarah and Chris had the shirts and onesie made by Southern Fried Stitchin’. But, you can order yourself the same shirt as Sarah over here on CafePress. 

Facebook: sarahelainephotos


Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.