35 Photoshop Fails That Are So Awful It’s Shocking They Went Unnoticed

Photoshop is an amazing tool that can help people from all types of life achieve the perfect picture. The problem is there’s a bit of a learning curve to actually becoming a decent photoshop user. Now, there is a huge difference between a decent photoshop user and a photoshop master and the problem is a lot of people try to outdo their skill level. I usually say go for it, shoot for the stars but if your work is going to be shared with the public maybe make sure you didn’t bite off more than you can chew. That’s where photoshop fails come into play and they are hilarious! These 35 photoshop fails are so horrendous it’s almost impressive they weren’t noticed before being shared!

1. Did nobody notice her eyebrows are far from on fleek?

2. American Apparel has removed a horses entire body.

3. This model is extremely flexible.

4. I hope she knows she’s going to crash into the Hudson River.

5. That’s quite an arm she’s got there.

6. This hardly seems responsible.

7. Well, this is awkward…

8. How heavy is that water that it’s breaking her neck?

9. They decided these models didn’t need legs.

10. A toy for the possessed children.

11. I think your selfie stick might be broken.

12. The first step is to drop your guitar.

13. She forgot to put them on that morning.

14. This picture on a bootleg pasta box.

15. These peas are obviously faked.

16. Is this a position for twins only?

17. This is the first sighting of a giant.

18. They’ve got babies popping out of everywhere!

19. Just two right feet no big deal.

20. I have no idea what they were going for here.

21. Quite the thigh gap she’s got going on.

22. If there was a right arm day, he skipped it.

23. These girls have far too many legs.

24. Seems legit.

25. This guy is scratching his knees standing straight up.

26. Something in this picture doesn’t belong…

27. Dr. Thomas Evans seems to have three arms.

28. I can’t believe someone even noticed this.

29. This French Ad actually nailed this photoshop job.

30. That must be one cheap house.

31. There’s just so much wrong with this tablet ad.

32. Michelle Obama with the mutant hand.

33. This is a rare dog-giraffe hybrid.

34. This calendar removed this pups entire butt.

35. This advertisement is just too accurate.