Donald Trump’s Face On A Stack of Newspapers Is The Internet’s New Favorite Photoshop Battle

This image of Donald Trump’s face on a stack of newspapers is an amazing picture, delivering a clear message about the current state of politics: hostile and contentious.

The image actually dates to 2016, and wasn’t some randomly spotted funny image of a stack of newspapers. Der Tagesspiegel used the image as part of ad advertising campaign, where Trump’s face was purposely elongated to make it look like he was yelling words with a huge mouth. The ad, an “epic photoshop” unto itself, won Germany ad agency Scholz & Friends several advertising awards.

It resurfaced earlier this month on r/photoshopbattles, a Reddit thread where pro and amateur photo manipulators alike are challenged to do what they will with a given image. Here are some of the most striking —and hilarious—competitors.

1. He’s lovin’ it.


2. Can’t put your finger on it?

3. Moaning Lisa.