Tomi Lahren Is Absolutely Livid Over This Seinfeld-Themed Photoshopped Meme Of Herself

In a cruel twist of irony, political commentator and diehard Trump supporter Tomi Lahren became what she hated most: A sensitive snowflake. Despite quite adamantly proclaiming that “it may be winter, but it’s still snowflake melting season” in a Christmas edition of Final Thoughts earlier this week, it was Lahren herself who became enraged enough to tweet in succession over a Photoshopped meme making the rounds around the Internet.

The meme in question shows Lahren apparently denouncing former President Obama for creating Festivus — the Seinfeld-born holiday for the rest of us — in an effort to take down Christmas once and for all.

The image quickly began spreading to all the corner of Twitter, and despite it’s creator straight up stating it was Photoshopped, Trump supporters quickly began crying “fake news!” and getting real butthurt over it.

But nobody got as butthurt as Lahren herself, probably because it actually sounds like something she’d say: