Vanity Fair Gave Reese Witherspoon 3 Legs And Oprah 3 Hands In The Worst Photoshop Fail I’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to photoshop fails, we’re used to seeing everyone on the Internet do it. We’re all amateurs at the end of the day, what do we know about truly using photoshop to make ourselves look better? Hint: nothing. But, when we see professionals do it (in magazines and spreads they publish), it’s like seeing a dog walk in its hind legs–beautiful. I’m not sure why, but seeing other people mess up makes me feel a bit better about myself and when I, personally, mess up. So, thank you Vanity Fair, for making me feel a little better about how bad my photoshop skills are.

ICYMI–Vanity Fair released their annual “Hollywood Issue” which featured the biggest names/stars in Hollywood at the moment. The cover/spread was shot by the legend herself, Annie Leibovitz, and, came out outstanding. Some pretty big names are featured on this cover, and, two of them are two of the biggest powerhouse actresses and activists in the game–Oprah and Reese Witherspoon.  

While these ladies do look flawless–it’s hard not to notice a bit of a mishap that happened in editing.