46 Times Librarians Hilariously Trolled Annoying Library Goers

Now I understand that when people think of libraries they don’t necessarily think about a place to laugh. The hours I’ve spent in the school library definitely consisted of more tears than laughs. Let’s be honest here if you got enjoyment from the library at school there is something very wrong. Or maybe my library was just a terrible place! I can vividly remember screams, tears, and panic attacks but never any laughs that I can remember. This causes me to be insanely jealous because now I know there are at least 46 hilarious librarians out there that could have made my library experiences so much better! The library has scarred me at this point I almost cringe just thinking about it but maybe that wouldn’t have been the case if I had one of these hilarious librarians at my school’s library!

1. No truer words have ever been said.

2.  This librarian wears a panda hat to freak out everyone walking in.

3. You ain’t the only one!