24 Photos That Prove The Past Was A Terrible Time To Be Alive

The past was all kinds of f***ed up. I mean really, did you know that in the 1800’s people bathed like once a year? Plus they didn’t have microwaves. Like how do you heat up your leftovers, past people? Do you just throw them out?! What were you doing?

If you don’t believe me, check out these 24 real photos from the real past that are really weird and messed up. You’ll have no choice but to believe that society was just a big experimental clusterf*** until about three years ago.

1. Like seriously wtf is this?

This is what kids would do to occupy themselves I guess. Before cool important things like video games and Snapchat.

2. Uhh, okay?

Cool privacy helmet. Not terrifying at all, you weirdos.

3. Mmm, looks delicious.

Who among us hasn’t had a craving for a giant cake monstrosity built out of limp hot dogs? Yum.

4. What is happening?

Look at the price, too! You mean to tell me I can look like Pennywise the Crocheting Grandma Clown for just a dollar?!

5. How ’bout no!

If he wants my lips cast in bronze he can go back to a bad young adult fantasy novel where he belongs.

6. Wooden bathing suits!

The only thing more comfortable than an old timey bathing suit is an old timey bathing suit that also gives you splinters.

7. No thank you!

How about I just keep the cheese for myself?

8. Painted-on tights.

Sounds like a great idea until it’s the end of your day and you’re dipping your legs in paint thinner.

9. Hello, this is my pet cheetah because I’m a f***ing psychopath.

Hope you haven’t touched meat in the last 48 hours because he will murder you.

10. Oh look! A picture of my nightmares.

I have never seen a picture scarier than this.