24 Photos That Prove The Past Was A Terrible Time To Be Alive

11. Never mind.

This one’s worse. This one’s way worse.

12. There’s a reason Ronald McDonald is a cartoon clown.

Because real life clowns are always forever terrifying.

13. Get a tape worm. On purpose!

I can’t believe we ever stopped doing this!

14. Cool warning for kids.

Maybe trucks shouldn’t be driving on your lawn?

15. Just hangin out!

Get it? Hangin out! Haha, this is the past and we have no concept of safety.

16. Mom? Dad?!

Nice boots though.

17. Make your very own skeleton boy!

He won’t watch you while you sleep! Promise!

18. Remember when hippo-drawn carriages were a popular means of transportation?

Yeah me either because it’s f***ing dumb.

19. This is reflective of very healthy societal views on women!

But we get it, women are like deer!

20. No comment.

Just. I don’t know, man.