Just 25 Really, Really Funny Memes From College Students

Being a college student is an unbelievably exciting time for young people— The prospect of moving away from home, new friends, bright aspirations for the future. You know, all the things that come with the good old college experience. Everything is exciting until about 3 weeks into the semester and you have ~$173 left,  you haven’t slept in 3 days, and have to do an entire semester’s worth of work in 2 nights. Now, I’m not sure if this is how all folks do the whole college thing but there is no doubt the struggle is super real.

Obviously, it’s the greatest time of your life. So much fun and so many new friends that it’s definitely worth the stress. The most impressive part of college is how creative students can be when they’re in a tight spot. A wise man once told me, “necessity breeds innovation” and some of these memes certainly prove that. This list goes out to all the struggles we all face clawing our way through college with a 4+ year hangover.

1. Love the organization but there is not nearly enough turn up time. What school do you go to?

2. This is either some next level genius thinking or some next level of broke I’ve yet to reach, which is scary.

3. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe crop the video though.

4. Can’t knock their hustle, love the imagination.

5. These should be in every bathroom on every campus in the world.