People Share Tiny Things They Do That Make Society Just A Little Bit Worse

Folks just want to watch the world burn.

When I’m leaving a busy store with a crowded parking lot, I’ll often times take my keys out of my pocket and swing them around as I head to a car that’s parked in a prime location. As soon as the vultures begin to circle and queue up for that sweet sweet king spot, I breeze right past the car and enjoy the look of frustration on their faces as I make my way to my actual parking spot.

I used to work across the street from a whole foods in the downtown area of a major city, and I would do this every time I walked back to work from eating lunch there. The parking situation was especially bad on the street level there, so people would get visibly pissed when they saw I wasn’t even parked anywhere in the lot

 I abide by this rule no doubt.

 If I don’t have anything nice to say, I just say mean things.

Definitely going to give this one a try.

 I really enjoy when at amusement parks or crowded places making a disgusted face and looking off in a direction so people spend their time trying to figure out what I was seeing.