People Share Tiny Things They Do That Make Society Just A Little Bit Worse

So you’re a thief?

 When door greeters ask me to see my receipt, I just say no and keep walking.

Personally, I would try and enjoy Dinsey but whatever floats your boat

Whenever my family and I go to an amusement park, typically Disney and Universal, we all pick a place to just stand in line. A party of around 10 people, just standing in a line that goes to nowhere.

Eventually, people would walk up and ask the person in the back of the line what the line is for. We would usually say that we aren’t sure or we would make up a lie about a secret event or something. They would join the line, and soon people would just stop asking about what the line is for and just join in. It’s a line at Disney, it’s gotta be for something worth standing in line for, right?

After about 15-30 minutes our group would just get out of line and leave a line of very confused tourists behind us.

You are the worst! It’s more of a suggestion.

Drive the speed limit.