Guy Finds Out His Girlfriend Is Cheating Through The Amazon Alexa And The Story Is Absolutely Insane

Technology may seem like it’s on our side, but in reality, it can work against us. Don’t trust it, point blank. Maybe I’m coming off cynical, but I do believe the government spies on us and all of our whereabouts through our computer, phone, even our Amazon Alexa devices (don’t believe me now, but one day you will). Even if it’s not the government you’re worried about, there are things that can go wrong in our everyday lives and we have no one to blame but technology–and also ourselves for being such horrible people. For our prime example of how technology will stab you in the back, I bring you the craziest cheating saga of the year all caused by Amazon Alexa. Twitter user @lilcanon has decided to share with us the truly eventful, crazy, unbelievable, insane story of betrayal and despair.

It all began with Kodak Radio:

But, who is Jared?

Mike is smart AF.

Oh…does it get juicy…