This Wrong Number Text Took A Random Turn But May Have Saved A Relationship

Cheating is without a doubt one of the worst crimes a person can commit while in a serious relationship. If you’ve ever been cheated on, then you’re familiar with the indescribable horror of discovering the person you thought was devoted to you has, in fact, been “devoted” to someone else…or even multiple someone elses. That being said, if you’ve ever been on the other side of the equation as the cheater, you might truly believe there was justification for your actions.

When it comes to unfaithful behavior, though, where does one draw the line? Some might consider a casual glance or flirt as cheating, while others don’t see an issue with kissing other people as long as they don’t actually have sex. The point being, it’s important to lay down the law at the beginning of a relationship and communicate openly about what you’re comfortable and not comfortable with when it comes to third parties.

Let’s be real, everyone has been tempted to maybe not strictly cheat, but just to enjoy the company of someone other than their significant other. That doesn’t make you a bad person, that makes you human (in my opinion at least). It’s whether or not you act on the temptation that changes everything.

Twitter user @jennxrivas AKA Jennifer may have inadvertently saved a relationship all thanks to a wrong number text.


She recently shared screenshots of her messages with a guy who identifies himself as ‘Alex’.


Jennifer captions her post: “I’m over here gassing this random guy up who had the wrong number and it took a complete turn.”

In the beginning, Alex seems like a sweet person who met someone he really “clicked with”.


After realizing that he has the wrong number, Alex becomes embarrassed and Jennifer gives him an ego boost.


“Aly isn’t deserving of a king like you,” she writes.

But things quickly take a turn when Alex admits that he has a girlfriend.


“Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t cheat on my girlfriend,” he writes.

And Twitter is positively floored by the whole interaction.


Some commenters suggested Aly may have been teaching Alex a lesson all along.

h/t Kale Salad, Twitter