This Crazy Mom Accidentally Texted The Wrong Number And Refused To Believe It Wasn’t Her Daughter

Have you ever texted the wrong number? It’s easy to text someone we already know by accident, by simply sending the wrong person the wrong text, but, I’m talking about texting a complete stranger.  It’s hard to believe that we’d text a complete stranger now that we have the beauty of stored contacts on our phone. But, you know how old people are with technology (sorry mom, it’s true). One mother is going viral online because she accidentally texted a stranger thinking it was her daughter, Jess. Instead, she accidentally texted a complete stranger asking him to go to the store to buy lunch meats for her husband…awkward. After finding out it wasn’t her daughter (after the stranger told her time and time again it was the wrong number) she got pretty f*cking rowdy. I’m talking crazy lady rowdy. While it’s rude AF, it’s equally hilarious.

To be fair, he let her know from the very first text she had the wrong number.

Of course, this lady insisted that her “daughter” was f*cking around with her.

At this point, why not have some fun with it?

But, again, he reminds her this is NOT Jess.

Even sends  PROOF!

But, this mother is clearly on one…