Parents Are Just Discovering Who Cardi B Is And It’s Hilariously Awkward

Cardi B has become a household name after all of her singles and features have made the Billboard Hot 100 chart. After she dropped her new album, “Invasion Of Privacy,” and appeared on several late-night TV shows, parents are now discovering the goddess that is Cardi B.

Kids are sharing the moments in which their parents discovered the female rapper and, brace yourselves, it’s hilarious (and kind of awkward).

This dad who got a selfie with Cardi B, yet didn’t know who she was.

This dad who saw Cardi B on SNL and was #confused.

This mom who tried to learn some Cardi lyrics.

This dad who tried to analyze Cardi’s bars.

This mom who thinks she is Cardi B.

This mom who bumps to the most aggressive man-hating song.

This mom who tries to rap along with Cardi.

This mom who thinks Cardi B is just a drink.

This mom who doesn’t f*ck with Cardi.

This dad who thinks Cardi B is a high school student.

This dad who’s on the Cardi train.

This dad who is not about that life.

This dad who can’t get it right.

And, this dad who is.