Woman’s Wrong Number Text With Someone Looking For A Goat Took An Oddly Delightful Turn

Getting texts from a wrong number isn’t common, but it does happen. Sometimes people choose to play along with texts for other people, for a laugh, but sometimes, the text is so weird you honestly just want to know what you ended up in the middle of.

Like this text that @Kaytarasaurus received and (thankfully for the rest of us) posted to Twitter because it was just so great.

She wrote, “I think this may be the best wrong number text I’ve ever received.” Well, it’s definitely the CUTEST one I’ve seen!


Kaytarasaurus (who we’ll just refer to as Kay, for brevity’s sake) included a screenshot of a text she got that was meant for someone named Brittany.

The text read,

Hi Brittany. Nancy [Redacted]. do you have any sources for babypigmy’s, we lost Spookie a month ago he was 13, and I would like to get another goat for Maple. We tried a four old [sic] female and I need to return her tomorrow, it’s not going well.. she sits with my neighbors 4 other goats all day.. and her and Maple.. fight horribly.

Thanks Brit..!


Kay responded that she wasn’t the person Nancy was looking for, and sweetly added that she hoped Nancy found a goat for Maple!

And Nancy sent Kay a picture of the goat named Maple WHO IS SO ADORABLE.

Just loooooooook at that fat lil’ belly. Aww, I wanna be friends with Maple.

People on Twitter absolutely loved the exchange and the tweet went super viral.

Kay used her newfound, very brief fame to tell people who were going to be seeing the new Avengers movie this weekend to please be patient with the theater staff!

She also proclaimed her love for Tom Hanks in a totally not creepy, very cute way.

Kay tweeted that she’d text Nancy for an update if her tweet got 100,000 likes. Well, it far exceeded that (as of this writing, it’s at 162,000), so we got our update!


The text from Nancy said,

Up date: No new pal yet.. looking we might have found a baby male, a weather.. Maple is a pretty independent goat.. She has adjusted pretty well being alone, she has my daughters horse Captain.. that keeps her company for now.. goats are such herd animals that we will keep on searching for the right guy.. lol.. Maple is special so he has to be a goat that will handle a strong gal.. lol

There were also more pictures of my new favorite goat, Maple.

She is so ready for her close-up.

Nancy even included a video of Maple for Kay!

The reactions on Twitter were hilarious.

And the best part was that people starting posting pictures of their own goats, too.

Some people said they thought it looked like Maple was pregnant.

IS Maple pregnant? I also am not a goat expert, so I have no idea. Perhaps it’s time for another update from Nancy?

h/t: Twitter: @kaytarasaurus