Couple Shares The Same Photo With Two Completely Different Captions And I Almost Choked On My Coffee

They say that true love comes when you find someone who balances you out—who has a completely different personality than you. Lillie and her girlfriend Maggie definitely are a prime example of this universal truth.

The two, who make an adorable couple, clearly have different tastes in humor. Lillie shared on Twitter that both she and her girlfriend shared the same photo of them on their Instagram profiles, but, had completely different captions for the posts.

Lillie shared the photo with a romantic and heartfelt caption:


Maggie, on the other hand, turned to humor for hers:


Clearly, Maggie is hilarious and both these girls have an amazing sense of humor. It’s not the first time Maggie has come up with a genius caption on their “couple pics.” All of her captions are pretty much amazing.

Twitter, of course, was dying.