This Guy Used 4th Grade Math To End A Fight With His Girlfriend And It’s Seriously Adorable

When it comes to relationships, couples are always bound to fight every once in a while. While you don’t want to spend your entire life fighting with your significant other, there are those moments where you will disagree or get angry at your parnter–we can’t help it, it’s natural. The true test of a relationship is not the way you fight, or why you fight, but how you make up with your partner and end a fight. It’s important to always be upfront and honest with each other, and often times, even funny when wanting to settle an argument. We know that we can all hold grudges from time to time, but being able to laugh things off and let them go is equally as important as loving someone. Forgiveness, y’all, make it your 2018 resolution you actually keep. Carlos Halili is the perfect example of how to put petty arguments behind you in a relationship and keep it moving, carefree and lighthearted.

17-year-old Carlos and his girlfriend, Bree, are from Honolulu, Hawaii and apparently, don’t fight very often. But, when one of them is in a bad mood, they rub off on each other and irritate the other person to no end.

“We’re really comfortable with each other so we do express if we’re irritated or in a not-so-great mood, then that makes the other person in the same negative mood and it can make us become irritated with each other.”

Apparently, Carlos and Bree were both pretty annoyed with each other one night when Carlos texted his girlfriend to see if they were still on for their plans to go to the mall. Bree clearly pointed out that she was mad, and he was mad, so she didn’t really want to go to the mall with him anymore–I mean, a pretty valid excuse. Who wants to go shopping when they’re in a bad mood? Not I.

Instead of letting his girlfriend cancel their plans entirely, Carlos had a pretty smart (and adorable) response to Bree’s decision.