Woman Live-Tweets A Couple’s Fight At The Airport And The Ending Will Leave You Saying ‘YES GIRL.’

Whenever we overhear people fighting, we can’t help but eavesdrop on their conversations. While it’s pretty rude to listen to other people’s conversations, it’s probably not that respectful to tweet about it, either. But, you know us, no manners and no time for respect. That’s why we love when people live-tweet any situation so we can vicariously live through them and get the juicy deets. One Twitter user was waiting for a flight at an airport when she overheard a couple fighting over money (probably one of the weirdest/uncomfortable convos for any couple to have). While it sounds pretty bad, the ending is what is making us absolutely grateful for this short and sweet story.

It all started out with a guy who told his girlfriend she shouldn’t take a promotion at work because he was “humiliated” by the idea that she would be making more money than him. It really makes you wonder just how fragile this guy’s ego is. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be proud of their significant other for getting a promotion? I’d kick this dude to the curb pronto.

The girl began to cry, and, it’s no surprise really. How would you feel if you found out the person you were with didn’t support you because he was a giant man-child? Not too good I assume.

He took matters even further and time traveled back to 1960, telling her she “shouldn’t have a career anyway.” I mean…who the hell does this guy think he is?!?