Every Woman Needs To Know What A ‘Mim’ Is & Here’s Why It’ll Change You

Why most men settle for a basic broad after experiencing the best they’ve ever had.

Mim; The word alone sounds meaningless.

You may be asking yourself …”What is a Mim?!” Well, a “Mim” is more of a “who” than a “what.”

I discovered this simple creature of nature after watching one of my favorite movies, “Begin Again.” The movie is not only entertaining, but is extremely relatable, especially for singles living in New York. The lead character (played by the amazing Kiera Knightly) is a beautiful and talented yet struggling musician whose newly famous boyfriend (appropriately played by the devastatingly handsome Adam Levine) leaves her high and dry in the middle of Manhattan to fend for herself. Not only does he abandon her, but he also cheats on her while on tour with… you guessed it! MIM.

Mim is one of the most crucial yet irrelevant characters in the entire movie. This basic b*tch made me think…WHY?! Why do most guys always end up leaving their awesome, intelligent, cultured girlfriends for some unimportant, mediocre MIM? How do these men settle for whatever is thrown their way?

Frankly, these so-called “men” are nowhere near the level of the women they’ve let go. When a man isn’t on the same par as you, their insecurities become clear as day. He simply cannot handle a beautiful, confident, modern woman. These cowardly lions either fight, flight, or run into the arms of some oblivious poor soul who treats them like the Gods they AREN’T.

From a plethora of promo-girls to some babysitter to the incompetent employee of a “pyramid scheme” and worse, I have dealt with my share of “Mims.” To me, they were all the same faceless people. I myself am no piece of cake and I pride myself on that. Growing up in New York, a female needs to toughen up and work endlessly to get to where she wants to be. Before becoming the hard-ass I am now, I was a softy. I would never call myself a “Mim” per-say but I definitely was more vanilla.

Now, as I inch towards the tender age of 30, I am learning to balance. Balance is key when attempting to find your soulmate. Life is much more pleasurable now that I have the courage to take the treacherous climb towards “The One” and eliminate those who are levels below me.

Is the process longer? Yes. Does it suck? Absolutely. But would I have live any other way? Never.

Love is supposed to be complex, not comfortable. And as Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” So, let that loser have his “Mim” … the world is your oyster after all!