The Infuriating Way A Pushy Customer Low-Balled This Freelance Artist Will Have You Seeing Red

When you’re a craftsperson or an artist, people rarely understand that your work (and your time) has a certain inherent value — which can, inevitably, lead to some pissy, rude, and totally delusional customers.

One part-time knitter with an Instagram page, otherwise known as Krafty Katt, works as a flight instructor and manages to pursue her knitting hobby in her spare time. Occasionally, she takes commissions.

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Recently, Katt was contacted about a potential commission from a prospective client. However, it was clear from the get-go that the individual in question was a bit uppity and demanding.


Things became even more uncomfortable when Katt gave the customer a quote for the labor and materials required to make a fairly large wool blanket and the customer declared that it was “too expensive.”


When Katt explained that customer wasn’t just paying for the materials, they would be paying for the labor, the customer declared that she was “insane.”


Oh, and did I mention that the customer then resorted to threats? They claimed they would “report” Katt (to whom??) and “destroy” her business.


Obviously, Katt found the whole thing to be fairly preposterous, particularly when she isn’t actually running a full-time business.

“I’m just a hobby crocheter and trying to keep it that way,” Katt told Bored Panda. “I rarely do commissions, usually just done to reinvest money in my hobbies. Most people are extremely polite when inquiring about prices; I’ve been told one other time that I overcharge and that was as rude as it got before this.”

She adds that it’s no skin off her back if the whiny customer decides to talk sh*t — and if anything, they’re the one who comes out of this situation looking terrible.

“I’m not a business, so I really don’t consider anyone a potential customer, and if they’re rude I have no problem dishing it back. I don’t need to worry about negative reviews or anything like that, the repercussions for me are virtually zero.”

Perhaps this person should just stick to buying stuff at Walmart.