‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are At War After Some Fans Made Fun Of Kit Harington’s Decision To Enter Rehab

This week, sources revealed that Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has entered a luxury rehab facility in Connecticut to deal with stress and alcohol abuse. After wrapping up filming the HBO series, Harington reportedly felt emotionally exhausted and had a hard time coping with the transition.

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After spending ten years filming the same show, living the life of one character, and living through every up and down the show has gone through—it’s understandable that Harington would be going through some struggles.

After the news broke online, many fans were extremely supportive and sympathetic, hoping that Harington gets the help he needs and commending him for taking the time out to work on his health.

But, some people decided to turn his rehab stay into a joke.

And, fans and followers online were pretty angry over it.

Here’s a reminder that celebrities are people too, and when one checks into rehab—it’s not an excuse to make fun of them and make jokes. Have some sympathy, y’all, they’re human.