Here Are Some Rare Shirtless Pics Of Kit Harrington To Get Your, Umm, Juices Flowing

It’s no secret that Kit Harington, AKA Jon Snow AKA Aegon Targaryen, is the Internet’s latest heartthrob. Since Season One of Game of Thrones, the “Bastard of the North,” has been stealing everyone’s hearts and giving us some major feels (in our underwear). Fast forward to Season Five and Seven when we got to catch some serious Kit Harington butt – we were hooked.

But, if you’re lacking on your Kit Harington butt pictures because you really don’t want to rewatch the Season Finale for the 100th time, we’re here to save you and give you some very rare, uncut and delicious photos of Kit Harington shirtless and chiseled AF.

Just look at this perfection:

But wait, there’s more:

I’d let Kit Harington take me in the ring, anytime.

And still:

Too bad Jon’s spent his whole life in the North, otherwise, we would have had this for seven seasons instead.

But, the best:

What is it about guys in glasses?

Ladies love him:

Who do you guys like better for Jon? Dany or Ygritte? ?

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(And so do we).

A little B&W abs:

Ready for those Whitewalkers ❄️

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Yes, daddy.