Kit Harington Pranked Rose Leslie With A ‘Severed Head’ Of Jon Snow & It Is Absolutely Insane

When we see couples on our favorite TV shows, obviously we swoon and begin to obsess over them. Today’s children refer to this as “shipping” people, but I’m too old to understand what that even means. One couple that has captured the hearts of everyone everywhere – and I mean everywhere – are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones.

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Kit Harington is well known for playing Stark/Targaryen (SPOILERS) Jon Snow on Game of Thrones and, Rose Leslie was his character’s love interest – a wilding named Ygritte. Unfortunately for them and fans everywhere, Rose was killed off in Season 4 (still. not. over. it.).

The two were rumored to have been dating off-screen for months until they finally stepped out on the red carpet together in 2012 and made their IRL relationship public. Last year, the two moved in together and this year – they got engaged. *screams* Kit Harington admitted that he “blew his load” when he proposed to Rose Leslie, the love of his life because he was just “too excited” and wanted to do it the night before he had it planned. How adorable is that?

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What’s even cuter is that this couple is just like every other couple out there – in that, they do funny, weird and sometimes gross sh*t to each other. Like, pulling some ridiculous pranks.