Sophie Turner Pulled A Sansa Stark & Clapped Back At Haters on Twitter For Killing Littlefinger

After the major death in the Season Finale of Game of Thrones, a lot of people were shocked at what went down. Littlefinger has long been a hated character on Game of Thrones because, let’s face it if it weren’t for him – a lot of people would still be alive. The guy caused a lot of drama, lied, manipulated, killed and lied some more about literally everything to ever happen in Westeros – only to gain power. The more powerful a person became, the closer he got to them in order to keep his own power. He even went as far as trying to turn Arya and Sansa Stark against each other.

But, the Stark sisters are too smart for Littlefinger and his games, and with help from their brother Bran, they were able to convict Littlefinger of all the lies and treason he had committed for the last several seasons. The scene ends with Arya slitting his throat with the same blade he held to their father, Ned Stark’s throat so long ago.

Epic, right?

While we were all waiting for this death to go down on Game of Thrones, some people on Twitter thought Littlefinger deserved to live. They probably also think Cersei Lannister is a good person – right? But, Sophie Turner – aka Sansa Stark – would not let anyone think that Littlefinger was a “good guy,” and decided to respond to people who thought his death was wrong.

That’s right, Sophie – you tell them. Littlefinger is the reason Sansa was tortured, raped and held captive for so long – and, if it weren’t for him, she may have been able to get back to Winterfell sooner. Too bad he was trying to get in bed with the Boltons just for power.

Rest in the dirt, asshole!