Did You Notice This Crazy Foreshadow in “Game of Thrones” Between Sansa & Arya Stark?


On the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” a lot of things went down – and blew up, too. While Dany planned her attack on King’s Landing with the ultimate team of women, Jon Snow planned his strip to Dragonstone – and, Arya Stark finally decided to make her way home, after seven seasons.

Arya was on the way to King’s Landing to kill Cersei (thank God), when she ran into an old friend – Hot Pie. She then learns that her brother – Jon Snow – is very much alive and is the new King of the North, meaning, her family is finally back in power. While this is an emotional moment for Arya within itself – it gets even more crushing.

Arya decides in the episode that it’s time for her to finally return home to Winterfell, instead of making her way to King’s Landing – Cersei’s death can wait a little bit longer. If you recall, Arya did foreshadow that she was going to return home to Winterfell in Season Six after Jaqen H’ghar claimed, “Finally a girl is no one.”

But – what makes matters even crazier is what happens in the following episode of Season Six – when Sansa Stark makes a comment that seems like nothing, but, may have a deeper meaning.

During “Battle of the Bastards” – aka the greatest episode of any television show ever – Jon Snow tries to tell his sister that he will no longer let Ramsay Bolton harm her. Sansa Stark turns to her brother, making a bold statement about the way of the world they live in now.

Do you see what we’re getting at here? Let me just do a little…

So – maybe we’re reading into it a little too deep. But, after the latest episode of Game of Thrones – and knowing exactly how the writers on this show work – everything has meaning. Arya thinks she’s returning to Winterfell to see her brother, Jon Snow, the new King of the North. But, we see at the end of the episode that Jon has taken off for Dragonstone.

Now, by the time Arya arrives at Winterfell – she will be reunited with none other than her sister, Sansa Stark. While the two don’t have the best track record, they are some of the last Starks left alive at this point (no one even realizes Bran is alive, so…). And, with Sansa holding the power in the North right now – she will definitely need little bad-ass Arya to back her up.

Here’s to “No one” protecting her.