Here’s Everything We Know About “Game of Thrones” Season 8

Game of Thrones Season Seven left us with a lot of cliff hangers. While it answered a lot of questions we’ve had for years, it also gave us brand new questions to ask. What’s going on with Dany and Jon now that they’ve boned? Why was Tyrion lurking like a creep outside the bedroom? Where is Jaime going now that he’s left Cersei and King’s Landing? Is Cersei really pregnant at all? Where did the Red Woman go and is she even coming back? Is Sansa Stark going to stay in charge in the North now that Jon’s no longer a true Stark? How long will it take Bran and Sam to tell everyone Jon’s a Targaryen? Is Tormund alive after The Wall fell? What’s good with the White Walkers now that The Wall’s gone/how long will this battle really take?

See – tons of questions, dude.

But, Season Eight (the final season, crying) of Game of Thrones is going to take a lot longer than anyone expected. While we don’t know much about Season Eight, we do know some things that people are dying to figure out.

First, Season Eight may not premiere until late 2019. While everyone wants it to happen, tomorrow – the showrunners admit they haven’t even begun filming the final season just yet. In fact, they just finished the scripts for the final season this summer. According to reports, the actors are all scheduled to begin working in October, which means, it’s going to take a while to film everything, edit it, add the CGI effects – all the work that goes into making GoT.

Also, the showrunners have been working on “new ways” to make the show “even bigger.” While Season Seven had a lot of crazy and wild events – like a White Dragon – there are bigger things that lie ahead. Think about it – the actual battle of the White Walkers is going to be insane, and, take a lot of work to film and produce.

Although it is the last and final season of the show – Season Eight is said to only contain six episodes in its entirety. That’s one less than Season Seven and f*cking four less than any other season we’ve ever seen – which, kind of sucks. But, the bright side is that most of the episodes in Season Eight are supposed to run pretty long – like the Season Finale of Season Seven did.

As far as anything else goes – we’re just as clueless as you. But, for now, we can rely on Reddit and the rest of the beautiful people of the Internet to clue us in on theories and some wild thoughts involving the show and its characters, so, stay tuned Throners.