Someone Created A “Modern Day” Game of Thrones Trailer & It’s Absolutely F*cking Insane

It’s no secret that Game of Thrones has become a phenomenon in pop culture and social media since appearing on HBO so many years ago. From Season One all the way to the very last season of the show, the characters, the plots and the lessons have shaped us all and given us a new lease on entertainment in the real world. One thing is for sure, that no matter how invested we get in Game of Thrones – it’s not something that would ever happen in the modern-day reality we all live in. The show, the books, and the story takes place in a time that is way, way before any of us and Twitter – of course.

But, what would happen if the show’s plot and storyline were to occur in a modern day society? Well, it’s hard to believe that it could really ever go down. But, seeing is believing, right? While we have to wait a solid two more years for the last and final season of Game of Thrones to drop, we can rest assure that everyone online will be coming up with new ways to tackle theories, create humor surrounding the show and even make fun, spin-off, Game of Thrones related content.

Like, for example, a Game of Thrones trailer set in modern times.

The trailer for “Westeros The Series” which was shared on YouTube, has a lot of parallels to the series and shows what would life be like if it were to take place now – in 2017.

There are dozens of similarities in the trailer – like the Iron Throne, the banners, the character awoken with blue eyes, dogs, names, rebellion and of course, the threat of what’s behind “The Wall.” But, if Game of Thrones were to be set in 2017 – this is basically how it would go down, no? A politician ruling everyone ensuring them that everything is okay, while thousands of people rebel to unite and fight one, direct cause.

While it sounds like Game of Thrones, it also sounds like America in 2017, too. Maybe we’re more like Westeros than we think, America.

It looks like it would make a great movie, too (someone make this please). After people caught wind of the trailer on Twitter, they were hooked.

You heard the people, HBO, make it happen!