5 Important Moments From The “Game of Thrones” Finale That’ll Impact Season 8


The Game of Thrones Season Seven Finale was one of the best finales I’ve ever seen on TV in my young, media-crazed life. Of course, like the rest of Season Seven, the episode was filled with plot twists, wins, losses and some wild incestual sexual healing. All in all, we had a lot of questions answered for us (and, some brand new questions formed). We also saw some big, big moments for the series that’ll definitely carry over into Season 8 and set the tone for what is to come.

1. Jon Snow’s real name is Aegon Targaryen:

We finally get the full story, full circle about Jon Snow’s true identity. Of course, it comes synonymously with his finally banging Dany – but, we’re happy nonetheless that the “secret” is out in the open. Aegon Targaryen is the name that Lyanna Stark tells Ned Stark on her death bed. We also see that Jon is an actual Targaryen and not a Dornish Bastard – nor a Stark Bastard (poor guy has been called a Bastard for Seven Seasons).

The name Aegon is also imperative to the Game of Thrones series, seeing as Varys has so often pointed out, Aegon was a conqueror who was the original person to build the Iron Throne and unite all of the kingdoms. This could be giving us a full-circle Game of Thrones historical/real-time foreshadow that Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen may keep true to his namesake and unite the kingdoms again, once and for all.

2. The Wall has officially been torn down.

The Wall has been a vital piece of the Game of Thrones story since the beginning. The Wall has been able to protect the kingdoms for centuries and now that it’s officially down, all hell is about to break loose. Jon and Dany know Viserion has been killed, but are unaware of the power he holds as a White Dragon – the ability to bring down a wall that big and that old is basically showing everyone that the Army of the Dead is not playing any games.

The army crossing the wall is going to speed things up quite a bit as armies are going to need to prepare for battle. Will Season 8 just be a huge war movie now that they’re officially south of the wall – it’s possible.

3. Littlefinger met a brutal death.

Littlefinger has been everyone’s least favorite character on the show for quite some time. He is also trying to sneak around and do what’s best for him and his name – lying to everyone and causing some brutal deaths (aka all of them). It originated from the beginning of the series when he helped murder Jon Arryn and blamed the Lannisters for his death. Of course, there’s also the visions Bran Stark had confirming all of his wrongdoings.

The Starks (Sansa, Bran and Arya) turned the tables around on Littlefinger in the most epic plot twist in Game of Thrones history, which ultimately led to Arya slitting his throat with his own dagger that basically started the wars/led to Ned, Cat and Robb Stark’s death. Talk about avenging one for the family (still not as good as Arya’s revenge on the Red Wedding).

4. Cersei and Jaime have split.

Cersei Lannister is becoming the Mad Queen in every sense of the word. She doesn’t trust anyone, she doesn’t want to listen to anyone and she thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Jaime has been, for some time now, questioning Cersei’s mental state and decisions. She has been trying to hold the fact that she’s “pregnant” over Jaime’s head for a few episodes, trying to win over his loyalty and trust. But, after she lied to Jon and Dany about a “truce” and willing to send her armies to fight the White Walkers, Jaime said “enough.”

He walked out on his sister, baby momma and lover because he’s a much better man than anyone ever thought he would be. He also doesn’t believe Cersei’s pregnant (and, neither do I).

5. Tyrion may know about Jon’s real identity.

Tyrion Lannister knows a lot of information and from the beginning of the show, we know that he’s an avid reader (he’s said that his strong suit was his ability to read and retain knowledge rather than compete on the battlefield. But, in last night’s episode, Tyrion was creepily standing in the hallway when he heard Jon and Dany getting it on.

It’s a bit weird, even for Tyrion, but the dark cinematography and narration of Sam and Bran speaking of Jon’s true identity leads some to believe it’s a foreshadowing that Tyrion knows that Jon is indeed a Targaryen (Aegon to be exact) and knows that keeping the Targaryen incest alive may also help in the ruling of the Seven Kingdoms. Or, he’s pissed that he didn’t reveal Jon’s true identity sooner.