Seeing Tormund From “Game of Thrones” Without A Beard Will Shock Any Fan

Game of Thrones is one of those shows where costumes and makeup are everything to some characters. I mean, what would Dany be without her platinum blonde hair? Or, Littlefinger without his creepy black trench coats? Or, Jon without his swords? While producers and directors are imperative to a TV show, costume and prop departments are just as important, too.

Tormund from Game of Thrones, the wilding who stole all of our hearts with his love for Brienne of Tarth, is known not only for his humor but his big, bushy beard.

Kristofer Hivju, the actor who plays Tormund on GoT, has become a signature man in the “beard world.” In fact, fans are so obsessed with his beautiful beard, they’ve written in fan-mail to ask him how he started growing it, how he “nourishes it,” and how it keeps it so thick and fluffy.

But, imagine what Tormund looks like without his beard? Well, Hivju released a wonderful #TBT photo on his Instagram page and he looks like a completely different person. Seriously – I can’t get over how different he looks without it.


The man has no beard… ?VS?He he! #ThrowbackThursday #bigbeard-VS-nobeard #kristoferhivju

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Look at that bone structure! He’s so handsome *swoons*. But, I think I’ll take him with his beard over no-beard any day of the week.