HBO Is Dropping A New “Game of Thrones” Show To Hold You Over Until Season 8

Everyone is completely heartbroken and upset that although Season Seven of Game of Thrones was the best season so far – it’s over. The short, seven episode season, left us before we could even get used to watching it every Sunday. And now, everyone has nothing to do on Sunday nights because – well, Game of Thrones is no longer with us until 2018 or even possibly 2019 – how sad, right?

Well, have no fear because HBO has answered our prayers and given us a little something to keep our Game of Thrones juices flowing and satisfied. The show is called “The Game Revealed” and focuses on all things Game of Thrones – behind-the-scenes. What is better than that? Not much.

The best part of the series is that it will dig deeper into all of the things that happened in Season Seven – all of the big, important facts and events and discoveries that some of us may have even missed throughout the season. There’s also behind-the-scenes interviews with the crew and the cast, to see exactly how the actors feel about playing your favorite characters in some of the episodes. They also go into the way episodes are shot via production angles, makeup techniques for certain characters and acts and – they even show how dragons and zombies are made to look so real.

Honestly – this show will give you a first-hand impression of how much hard work goes into creating Game of Thrones. Not only does it take a lot of CGI and editing to create things – but the sets alone take so much work and so much care that I’m blown away by the amount of people and talent it has taken to put it all together.

Each episode of the show is broken down by each Season 7 episode – starting with the Season Premier. And, don’t worry guys – it’s already aired. So, here’s your behind-the-scenes look at the Season Seven Premiere. Also, catch other episodes of the show on HBO and HBO Go every Monday.

Mind. Blown.

As far as Season Eight – well, some pretty bad news is that we’ll be waiting probably two years – at least. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production for the season is going to run into 2018 – because they haven’t exactly started filming for the final season just yet. With all of the hard work that goes into editing, building sets and reshooting – as one can see in this behind-the-scenes video – it’s going to take more than a few months to wrap it all up. So, we probably won’t be getting our Thrones back until 2019 – and probably not in January 2019 either.

But, let’s be real – we would all rather they take their sweet, sweet time and deliver us a killer, kick ass final season than having something rushed and half-assed – amiright?