The 9 Biggest WTF Questions We Have After The Game of Thrones Season Finale

The Season Seven Finale of Game of Thrones was filled with a lot of information because we saw almost every storyline and character finally cross paths. The meeting at King’s Landing set the stage for Cersei finally meeting her “sworn enemies” and, some reunions we’ve long been waiting for (Tyrion and Bronn forever).

We also had some new interactions that led to huge revelations – like Sam and Bran meeting at Winterfell and discovering that Jon Snow is no longer a Snow, nor a Stark but a Targaryen – Aegon Targaryen to be exact.

We also had a hot, sweaty sex scene going on in the background because, Thrones Y’all. But, with any season finale of a show, we’re left with some questions that we’ll be wondering, theorizing and asking until we finally get our sweet taste of Season Eight.

1. What is going to happen now that Jaime has left Cersei?

Jaime was really Cersei’s “better half” in the worst way possible. This meaning, of course, that he was the only person to really convince her to be less evil when it was needed. Jaime also is a way better person overall than Cersei and was the reason many people still listened to her, because he was leading the Lannister army. With Jaime gone, what’s going to happen to Cersei and her throne?

We’re also curious as to where Jaime is headed. Is he going to join his brother Tyrion in serving Dany? Is he going to find Brienne his long-time BFF and reunite to aid in the battle against the White Walkers? Is he going to take the Lannister army with him when he leaves?

2. How long will it take for Bran and Sam to tell Jon he’s actually a Targaryen?

The timelines in Game of Thrones have been choppy lately. Sometimes, it takes people years to get somewhere, other times it takes five minutes in the show. Now that both Bran and Sam, two people Jon trust more than life, know he is Aegon Targaryen – how long will it take for them to tell Jon and, will he believe them?

3. What happens when Dany finds out Jon is the rightful heir to the Throne?

Dany has been on a long journey to reclaim the Throne that was taken from her family when her father was murdered. Her entire presence on the show has been a journey to take it back. Now that she has someone who is the actual heir – Jon aka Aegon Targaryen – will she be bitter and angry?

How will she feel knowing she has developed feelings for Jon, slept with him and then realizes she is his aunt and they have committed the typical Targaryen incest? Will it change their relationship entirely, or, will they join forces to bring House Targaryen back forever?